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3057 ₽
CARVIA. Vodka that has taste.
The name CARVIA comes from the Latin CARUM CARVI (Common caraway). Caraway seeds and 100% rye alcohol give vodka an unrivaled taste that you will not confuse with anything else.
CARVIA. Made without compromise.
The vodka production is located at the craft distillery in Breeze-Sus-Arshak in the Cognac region, France. Small alambik, natural raw materials and a dream - this is how the best vodka in the world is made *.
CARVIA. VODKA for those who have taste.
If you are looking for new flavors and new gastronomic experiences, then you are in the right company.
CARVIA is vodka that will radically change your idea of vodka.
0,7 l
Vodka Carvia Carum Carvi
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Transparent crystal
Best of all, Carvia opens in its pure form, at room temperature