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6495 ₽
Murakami, the name by which the ancient wizard from the Huicholi tribe is known, is not just a healer; he also has other duties. In some cases, he serves as the spiritual mentor of the group ... Sometimes it is a repository of the historical and mythical memory of its community ... A priest and a religious figure ... He even holds civil positions and acts as a representative of the authorities in the complex hierarchy that governs society. and the cultural life of the Huicholi communities. Like many Native American peoples, the Huicholi have traditionally used peyote cactus (hikuri) in religious rituals. And it is Marakame who leads the community through these rituals. These include singing, crying, and contact with ancestral spirits. Every year, members of the Huichol community travel about 300 miles from the area where they currently live (in the Sierra Madre Occidental range, in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Durango and Zacatecas) to "Viricut" or San Luis Potosi, their ancestral homeland.
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Maracame Reposado
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Pale golden yellow color
Rich aromas of citrus marmalade
Soft, crisp, fruity
Sometimes the Mexican people drink tequila with morning tea, and with the resulting juice, and other non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks