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5978 ₽
If the barrels could talk, they would tell us the charm they carry inside their oak walls and the secret that leads them to stand for two years the amber colored tequila, Tequila Centinela Añejo. This old tequila has to be taken straight to savor in the palate the essence of the wood that saw him grew up. The magnificent tequila Sentinela Anyeho is made exclusively by the traditional method of 100% Weber blue agave. Various types of wood are used for aging, but bourbon barrels are most preferred. This old tequila joins the ranks of the premium along with white and reposado. All three are part of a proud family with more than 100 years of tradition, the Great Centinela Family
0,75 l
Tequila Centinela Anejo
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Saturated amber colour
Deep balanced aroma, without dominant notes
The taste is creamy and rich, there are notes of fruit, pineapple, herbs and wet straw against a background of oak. It is revealed with cinnamon, vanilla and a little pepper, with a bitter hint of mint
Well suited to sipping neat and being splashed in cocktails that would benefit from the subtle caramels and oak spices of this tasty aged tequila