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4482 ₽
High proof full bodied distinctive rum. Blended 10-12 years. This overproof is a rare and delicious work of art.

The combination of aging and maceration unique process, give as result this magnificent “must try” rum in the overproof category.

The rum is a selection of 10-12 year old rums from copper column-stills, aged in ex-bourbon casks with a maceration of locally sourced chocolate that adds the natural chocolate flavor.
Nativo Overproof is well-balanced.
True flavors of dark and malty chocolate fan out elegantly while allowing the rum-ness of the spirit to do its thing.
0,7 л
Rum Auténtico Nativo Overproof
Auténtico Nativo
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Наш менеджер свяжется с Вами в ближайшее время
Despite the high-proof, the bouquet is nicely balanced with Chocolate, toffee, vanilla, and dark fruits.
Round blend of sweet honey, oak, cocoa, spice, orange peal.
It's a rare exception of a flavored rum one could sip neat, although it would make a fine addition to cocktails calling for chocolate flavors