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Notice: alcoholic beverages can only be purchased directly by self-pickup in partner stores!

We kindly ask you not to come without confirmation from the manager about the readiness of the order.

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Purchase and payment
How do I get the product at the site price?
1. Make a reservation (order) via the website or by phone.
2. Be sure to wait for the manager's call
or SMS confirmation of the order's readiness.
The sale of goods is carried out on the territory of the stores below. The website provides information about the range of stores:
Nuovo Spirit Company operates
in strict accordance with the laws
The Russian Federation and the city of Moscow:
Does not sell or deliver alcohol at night
Does not sell or deliver alcohol to minors
Does not carry out remote sales
Certificates and documents for products
Certificates of conformity
At the request of the client, our company provides all the necessary documentation for the goods being sold:
Working hours
In stores, payment is made in cash or by bank card(Visa, MasterCard, Mir).
Our managers will answer your calls according to the schedule (except for holidays): mon-Sun 09: 00-21: 00;
Orders received on the weekend are processed on the first working day.
The buyer has the right to return the goods if the Goods were not used, their packaging was not violated and their presentation was preserved, and the seller is obliged to accept such goods back in cases where the seller*:
- transferred a smaller quantity of goods than specified in the contract;
- passed the goods in violation of the terms of the assortment;
- did not fulfill the buyer's requirements for completing the goods within a reasonable time;
- delivered the goods without proper packaging and packaging;
- in addition, if the buyer finds significant defects in the goods, he also has the right to return the goods.
Product authenticity
The store sells alcoholic beverages that are in the EGAIS of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya, which confirms its legality and authenticity.

At the request of the buyer, certificates of conformity for the purchased products are provided.

The store receives products only from official suppliers.
We wish you a successful shopping!