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4301 ₽
TABERNERO La Botija Quebranta Pisco is a 100% distilled Quebranta grape juice. This is the most common grape variety grown in Peru for the production of pisco. The subtlety of this Pisco is the result of strict selection of grapes and winemaking, which combines tradition and high technology. Slow distillation through French copper alembics completes a thorough process
0,5 l
Pisco TABERNERO Colección Privada Mosto Verde Quebranta
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Crystal colour
The typical character of this variety is immediately felt in the aroma of vegetables and slightly fruity notes
The taste is very elegant and balanced with subtle aromas of sweet dried fruits with some spices, leading to a seductive long aftertaste
It mixes well with other drinks and juices. Perfect for cocktails. A good option is to serve it in its pure form. This is the perfect combination with spicy food. It is also very good as a digestif. In the culture bar, alcohol is presented in the famous cocktail "Pisco Sour" (Pisco Sour). Serving temperature: 16 ° C