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9423 ₽
Mescal Convite Espadin-Madrecuixe is made from the wild agave varieties Espadin and Madrecuixe. At the time of harvest, agave bushes reach 25 years of age, accumulating a high concentration of sugars and aromatic substances.
A composition with citrus tones and a sense of herbaceous freshness, light cocoa aroma with complex and dry touches. It is a pleasant and excellent blend of Espadine agave, which seems to add up its attributes to accentuate the madrecuixe scent.
0,75 л
Mezcal Convite Espadin-Madrecuixe
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Cristal clear
Smoky, full-bodied agave scent
Ideal with Mexican cuisine, can also be served with a lemon wedge and a pinch of salt