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3477 ₽
Bigallet Le Grand Tetras Genepi is a botanical liqueur (40° strength), and its main ingredient is the Alpine wormwood Mutellina. *** This alcoholic drink with a light sugar content is highly appreciated by connoisseurs looking for rich aromatic intensity and wild flavors. *** Since the génépi (wormwood) plants are the only aromatic components of the recipe, this light in sugar alcohol gives off a wild and powerful aroma that can vary slightly from season to season depending on climatic conditions.
*** Our secrets ⋆ A combination of double maceration of wormwood filaments and distillation, followed by aging in vats for several months to give roundness. ***!!! (Its natural color, sensitive to light, can lead to a small deposit in the bottle).
0,7 l
Liqueur Félix Bigallet Grand Tétras Genépi
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Génépi Grand Tetras offers a very aromatic and herbaceous taste, the bitterness is sweetened with delicate aniseed and lemon notes, and ends with a slightly peppery note
Pale golden
As a digestif in its pure form in a chilled form (with or without ice cubes).
In cocktails.