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4266 ₽
Broker's Gin renowned on shelves everywhere for its little black top-hat on top of the bottle; was first released in 1998 but is based upon a 200 year old recipe It's made from an English wheat base and flavored in the classic London dry style. It is blended down from spring-water from the site of the distillery itself. Broker's is made with herbs, spices and fruits imported from three continents and blended to be extra dry
0,7 л
Gin Broker's London Dry
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Crystal clear
Nose: Very herbal, and almost medicinal but in a very good way. Hints of sticking plasters meld well with rosy red apples, tangy citrus and cardamom. Very inviting indeed…
Palate: Crisp and very dry, green oak, tree sap, parsley, lavendar soap and juniper
Finish: Long and bittering with sweet spices and berries. Moreish!
This is Martini heaven…