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7104 ₽
Mezcal Carreño uses only wild agaves from the central valleys of Oaxaca. These wild agaves are affected by the terroir of the land as they grow for 10+ years. The climate, the soil and neighboring plants all add their essence to the final taste of mezcal Carreño.
Iconic in shape and look of classic agave the Espadín gets its name from a sword sheath. It’s immense versatility allows it to be used as a source of fiber, medicines and food. Espadín takes 6-8 years before reaching maturity to harvest. The Espadín agaves are cooked together in an underground pit oven, milled by tahona, open-air fermented in pine vats, and double distilled in copper stills
0,75 l
El Mezcal Carreño Del Don Espadin Joven
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Crystal clear colour
Smoky aroma with hints of wild rose, pear and oak
In the warm, spicy taste of mescal, there are tones of gravel, baked agave, oil, the nuances of herbs and mint, smoothly turning into a long, warming aftertaste
An excellent addition to meat dishes of Mexican cuisine, perfect paired with a cigar