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2551 ₽
Velho Barreiro cachaça is known as one of the most traditional cachaças in Brazil. Its quality and authentic taste, whether pure, in fruit cocktails or in the traditional caipirinha with lemon, guaranteed personality and distinction gaining international projection. Today it is appreciated in several countries of the world, marking its presence in the most diverse cultures of all the continents
1 l
Cachaça Velho Barreiro Traditional
Velho Barreiro
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Pale golden colour
Herby vegetal aromas: fresh grass, sweet cane, rose petals alongside lime and lemon citrus peel, apples and a little brown sugar
Earthy and spiced straight off the bat, with black pepper. Tangy citrus with crisp apples and pears, gently sweet with a good pinch of baking spices. Finish: Natural sweet notes linger, pleasant, along with slightly charred vegetal notes
Distinguished by its delicate aroma, cachaça Velho Barreiro is the key ingredient in the famous Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail, as well it is strongly recommended by the industry experts as becoming more and more popular drink and basis for new exotic cocktails