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10 296 ₽
This is limited edition of Single Malt Single Barrel from Miltonduff 2009. The release amounted to 628 bottles. The liquid was placed in a sherry barrel on February 18, 2009 and bottled on May 30, 2018 with the barrel strength of 65.2%. It has been aged for 9 years in the sherry bat barrel. In the production of this whiskey, neither cold filtration nor coloring was used
0,7 л
Anton Plekhov Whisky Merchant
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Saturated amber colour
Very floral, sweet, with notes of plum jam, nuts and black pepper, with notes of rye bread and cigarette tobacco. Deep in the background are notes of stewed fruit
Taste is pinching, with nuances of prunes and malt, with a slight influence of tannins. Finish is short, pleasantly burning. Dried fruits and chocolate appear first, followed then by malt and oak tones
Recommeded to enjoy as it is, pure drink with few drops of water