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6732 ₽
A barrel-aged, navy strength expression of An Dúlamán from Sliabh Liag Distillers! This particular bottling has quite the history. The name Santa Ana comes from the ship La Duquesa Santa Ana. This ship was of Phillip II’s Spanish Armada sent to invade and conquer England in 1588, but the ship wrecked just off the Donegal coast, close to where An Dúlamán is currently distilled. The story of La Duquesa Santa Ana has also been incorporated into the label. When you look closely at the label, you can see that it's a map that marks the location of the La Duquesa Santa Ana wreck. The navy gin has been aged in rioja wine casks from the home region of the Santa Ana’s commander before it was bottled at a healthy 57% ABV
0,5 л
An Dúlamán, Santa Ana Armada Strength Gin
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Light rose gold hue
The flavour profile is similar to the Maritime gin. Again you get that taste of the ocean, however we get more juniper and it’s a lot warmer, with an enhanced spice - this may come from the higher ABV
Salty maritime notes come through alongside warming spices and peppery juniper, with a touch of anise, juicy berry notes from the cask and a rich, orange peel finish
It is best with just a big block of ice and sipped