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4600 ₽
All the way from Ireland's County Donegal comes An Dúlamán Irish Maritime Gin, which wears its coastal influence on its sleeve. Alongside six specially selected botanicals, the botanical selection for this tipple also includes five different varieties of locally-harvested seaweed: Channel Wrack (also called Dúlamán) imparting bitter tannic notes; Dulse offers salty umami flavours; Sugar kelp offers a sweetness and dusty lime flavors; Carrageen moss provides an earthy nutty sweetness; Pepper dulse provides a huge burst of garlic, minerals, aromatic and intense peppery umami. The batch number indicated on the neck label, includes the lunar phase in which the seaweeds were gathered. The gin is bottled in a black historical glass to pay homage to the bottles found along the coastline dating back to the battle with the Spanish armada
0,5 л
An Dúlamán, Irish Maritime Gin
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Crystal clear
The aroma of this gin takes you straight to the ocean - waves of salt water, oysters and lots of seaweed
To taste, the gin is very well balanced. Its initial taste comes from the seaweed - slightly briny with a subtle sweetness. This is then followed up with a burst of lemon citrus and ending with a warming peppered heat
This gin is crying out to be used in a Martini. With the addition of a plain tonic the flavours soften, but still the seaweed is the captain of this ship